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I am a petite 41-year -old, size 8 brunette with big brown eyes and a 34C bust. I am married and I work in a big store, but I have a little secret I want to be While I could look like butter would not cover my mouth, I 'm a whore really love metbabes dick loves, foreigners look good together in hotels and fucked by them. It all started about six months ago and now I'm addicted and I can not get enough. visited hotels in the East Midlands in metbabes the week busy with many single men are on a business trip. My husband and I booked a room and metbabes then go sit at the bar in a pretty normal dress and heels, watching at close range. Under my dress all I'm using is a sexy basque and stockings. I do not wear underwear and shaved my pussy completely smooth always in anticipation. It is never long before a guy with a sexy outfit comes in and starts chatting with metbabes me. When I think I've had a special kind of let him know that I am 'm being fucked wet and gagging for - I wonder if it was a secret ( they always say yes! ) can hold and then give you a little note, as we speak. The note reads : ' I ​​hope you are as bad as me, because if so, I want to lick me back to my room, my beautiful smooth pussy, fuck me hard and deep, till I come, courage and discharged from my throat. ' metbabes So far no one has rejected me. My husband followed us to the room and watch movies, even action. He believes in not, as he fucks me, instead of after joining. 'm doing this because I have always sex, love, and how many women have fantasized about acting like a bitch. I never dreamed I would be able to fulfill my fantasy until I mentioned it one night in bed with my husband during sex and he was very excited and said let's do it ! Now I love the feeling of different cocks in me and the taste and feel different cock in my mouth and I love it, and I fucked husband looked at me. We always have incredible sex togethaThen, for hours. I just always do safe sex, but I love the guys cum in my mouth, metbabes so you can swallow every last drop of what I love the taste and feel of semen, as it slides down my throat. My record to date three guys in one night, after one another, but my favorite moment was when two young men in their 20 years I talked one night, and took the two into the room and the two took turns fuck me in most of the night. So if ever in a hotel in East Midlands during the week and see a small brunette with a sexy dress, black nylons and high heels sitting at the bar alone, drinking Bacardi and coke to go and say hello You know I never could get 10 minutes later...
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